Sunday, August 23, 2020

3 Easy DIY Dog Enrichment Activities

Hello everyone!
National Dog Day is this week (the 26th) and ya know what a dog lover I am.
After having two pups of my own to love and spoil I have learned how important it is to not only stimulate your dog physically but mentally. 
Today I am going to share 3 of my favorite dog enrichment activities.
They are easy to throw together with things you most likely have on hand and, will give you some time to get things done while your pup is distracted.

Egg Carton

You will need:
An Empty Egg Carton

Open the egg carton.
Cut newspaper into short strips about 1 inch wide.

Roll treats into a few strips of newspaper and place into the empty indentations of the egg carton.
Roll the remaining empty stirps of newspaper into balls and place them into the other empty spaces.

Close the lid to the egg carton.
Give to your pup and let them go wild!

Muffin Tin

You Will Need:
Muffin Tin

Place treats into a few holes of the muffin tin.

Cover each hole with a ball.
Give it to your pup and let them have at it!

Hole Ball

You will need:
Hol-ee Roller Ball 
Scrap Fabric

Cut the fabric into short strips about 1 inch wide.

Wrap treats in a few pieces of fabric.

Roll the remaining pieces of fabric into balls.
Take turns placing the treat-filled and empty pieces of fabric through the holes in the ball until full.
Give it to your pup and let them play!

All of these activities have been loved by me and my pups.
They love that they are getting a treat and I love that they are exercising their mind and letting me get some work done guilt-free.
A quick tip.
When starting these activities, use more treats to help pique their interest and to show them how they work.
Then slowly added fewer treats over time. 
We don't want to give them too many treats so they can stay fit and healthy.
Do you have a dog?
If so, what breed and what is its name?
I have to know their name!

All my love, 

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