Sunday, July 19, 2020

Updated Spice Jars

Hello everyone!
You may remember a few years ago I did a post showing you how I labeled my spice jars.
Truth be told they weren't exactly what I wanted...
I had always planned on labeling them in white but, Erik and I realized that household printers don't print white...
Needless to say, I settled with the black labels and I didn't mind them.
A few years have passed and the labels aren't holding up well.

In all honesty, I think it was simply user error. 
So, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to go back to what I originally wanted.
White cursrive labels.
Only this time they will be handwritten.

Remove the old labels.
Clean the outside of the spice jars and remove any leftover sticker residue.
Dry thoroughly.
Using the paint marker label the jar with the name of the coordinating spice in your desired handwriting.
I went with cursive but print would work great too!
Let the ink dry.
Put away.

The jars weren't the only thing I upgraded.
I moved the spices from their tiny cupboard,

 to a three-tiered shelf in our pantry.

Overall I am much happier with the results!
Bye worn-out labels!

I love the look of these spice jars much more than my originals.
The white is easier to read and gives a brighter, cleaner look.

Which do you prefer?
The black or white labels?

All my love,

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