Sunday, April 5, 2020

DIY Bunny Face Pots

Hello everyone!
Easter is one week away!
This will be a very different Easter for most of us.
No gathering with family, no seeing friends, no community egg hunts.
That doesn't mean we can't spread a little joy!
I had originally planned on giving out these bunny pots as Easter gifts to my family on Easter Sunday but, now that I will not be seeing them I thought it would be fun to do a good old fashioned doorbell ditch.

You will need:
Terracotta Pots
Paint, I Used Lavendar, White, Mint, and Black
Large Paintbrush
Fine Tipped Paintbrush
Crinkle Grass

With the large paintbrush, paint the Terracotta pots your desired colors.
I went with spring pastels.
I wanted my pots to have a bit of a weathered look so, I used a large paintbrush and painted uneven coats on each of my pots.
I thought it made them feel a little more rustic.

You can use a smaller paintbrush and make them nice and even if you prefer.
Once the paint is dry, use the black paint and fine-tipped paintbrush to paint the bunny faces on the front of the pots.
Two eyes, a nose and a few whiskers in different styles.
A regular bunny face.

A winky bunny face.

And the ever-popular closed eyes bunny face.

Once the faces are dry, fill the pots with crinkle grass and a few goodies and they are ready for delivery.

These cute little pots come together in no time and would be the perfect way to brighten up someone's day this holiday week. 
What are your plans for this nonconventional Easter?

All my love,

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