Sunday, March 15, 2020

DIY Rainbow Balloon Art

Hello everyone!
I think we could all use a little more rainbows in our life with all of the craziness going on in the world.
And with St. Patrick's Day just a few days away I am here to make that happen with this fun DIY rainbow balloon art!
We currently have this set up in our house making it very festive.
Plus, it makes us both happy!

You will need:
Balloon Pump, Optional

Decide on the design of your rainbow.
I wanted a full rainbow with white balloon clouds on either end.
You could do a full rainbow like me, or do half a rainbow.
It's up to you!
Blow up your twisty balloons.
I decided three balloons in each color would work for me.
I'd highly recommend a balloon pump when working with this many balloons. 
The twisty balloons don't have a lip like normal balloons so, I just taped the ends to keep them from deflating. 
Once you have your balloons inflated, organize them into your desired shape.
I started from the color red down.
Place pieces of rolled tape onto the back of the balloons and stick them on the wall.
Once the balloons are organized into your rainbow, blow up your white balloons and tie closed.
Tape the white balloons to the end of your rainbow to imitate clouds.
I used 6 balloons at each end.

I will be honest, this took more work than I originally thought...
 But it was worth it!
It's such a fun statement piece for any celebration.
And now I am a balloon wizard for future balloon crafts!
Have you ever made a balloon statement piece?

All my love,

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