Sunday, January 26, 2020

DIY Cupid's Arrow Gift Boxes

Hello everyone!
Valentine's is slowly creeping into our lives and I love it...
No pun intended!
I have always enjoyed Valentine's Day and the opportunity it brings to shower the people in my life with love.
Today I am going to show you how to make simple Cupid's arrow gift boxes to help you give some love.

You will need:
Wood Dowels, I used 3/8 Inch
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks

Remove the lids from the heartshaped boxes.
I used pre-colored boxes but, you can get plain papier mache boxes and decorate them individually if your people aren't fans of classic Valentine's colors. 
With the scissors, poke a small hole towards the bottom of each of the boxes.
You will want the hole towards the bottom so the lid will be able to still fit comfortably on the box.
Start small, you can always go bigger but not smaller. 
Work the wooden dowels through the holes until they are just barely through.

Secure the dowels into place with the hot glue.
On the opposite end of the dowels, hot glue feathers on top of one another until you reach your desired fullness.
Add your fillers into the boxes.
I used three-inch boxes for my arrows but, you can use larger if needed.
The three-inch boxes are perfect for holding candy, jewelry, and small toys.

These boxes take no time to create and turn out so fun.
The feathers, the colors, a functional heart-shaped box.
What's not to love?
They are perfect to give smaller gifts in, to decorate a larger gift with or even as just a decoration in your home.
How would you use these fun boxes in your life?

All my love,

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