Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Progressive Dinner 2019

Hello everyone!
Over the weekend my family had its annual progressive dinner.
A progressive dinner is a meal where each course is served at a different house.
The progressive dinner tradition started out with my Dad's family before I was even born!
Now that we are grown we do it within our own little family.
We have four courses; soup, salad, main course and dessert.
This year we started with salad at my sister April's house.
She served it with all the fixings.
And rolls...
Each house always has rolls.
Each house also has a theme and a favor to take home.
Her's was Christmas trees. 
We each left with a beautiful distressed aluminim Christmas tree. 
After her house, we headed to my parent's for soup.
They served ham and bean soup and beef stew.
Have you ever heard of ham and bean soup?
Cause we sure hadn't!
Their theme was the nativity.
They had beautiful nativity themed decorations and we each left with a nativity themed ornament. 
After my parent's, it was off to my sister Heather's house for the main course.
Heather lives the furthest away so we try not to make her drive back and forth too much.
So, Erik and I share their house for dessert.
That way they don't have to drive down and up and then down and up again. 
Before heading to her house we made a quick stop at our house to pick up the trifles we made.
Trifles are not the easiest thing to transport...
I ended up holding them on my lap the entire forty-minute drive and am proud to say they made it!
We arrived at Heather's house to a full-blown Christmas cookout.
It was decorated in red and black gingham, we each got a festive mug to drink out of and they served pulled pork sandwiches with mac and cheese and potato casserole.
SO yummy!
We each were given a gingham stocking filled with candy and a gingham sign that read Merry Christmas.
We also got to take our mugs home.
After the main course, Erik and I pulled out our trifles. 
We brought our own plates and napkins to serve them on.
Our favors were whisks with instant pudding, a play on figgy pudding.
It was such a fun evening and I can't believe another year has come and gone.
I am already counting down the days till next year!
Have you ever attended a progressive dinner?

All my love,

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