Sunday, December 8, 2019

DIY Wood Christmas Garland

Hello everyone!
It has been a busy holiday season for me this year and it's just getting started!
Because of this, I have been keeping my side projects on the simpler side...
And this week's craft is no exception!
This DIY wood garland is quick to put together and I love the natural look of the unfinished wood.

You will need:
Wood Beads, I used large and small

Start by laying out the wood pieces and organizing them into your desired pattern and span.
Once you have your pattern established, measure the twine against its length and cut, leaving a few extra inches for tying and possible mistakes.
Tightly tie off one end of the twine.
Trim off any excess.
On the opposite end of the twine, thread the wood pieces on one at a time.
Once all of the pieces are on, tightly tie off the open end of the twine.
Trim off any excess.
Display and enjoy!

This craft only took ten minutes to throw together!
I love the pronounced look of the plain wood.
It's so versatile!
You can hang it on your tree, lay it on your shelves or wind it around your stair banisters.
I placed ours on our entryway table.
I love how it fits in with our neutrally colored reindeer canvas and pops against our green decorations.

If you have more time on your hands, you could paint the wooden pieces and add a burst of color.
What garland would you prefer for your home?
Colorful or natural?

All my love,

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