Sunday, December 29, 2019

DIY Disco Ball Piñata

Hello everyone!
Are y'all ready for a new decade?!
Because it's basically here...
To help us celebrate I made this fun DIY disco ball piñata.
I have made a few piñatas in my day.
They aren't hard but, are a little time-consuming.
Make sure to give yourself a few days to complete this project.

You will need:
Fringer Scissors, Optional
Silver Ribbon

Start by inflating the balloon to your desired size.
I inflated mine about halfway, 18 inches.
A 36-inch balloon is rather large...
I'm lazy and didn't want to decorate the whole thing but still wanted it to be large enough to make an impact.
You can blow it up to the full size if you prefer.
Cut your newspaper into 1-inch strips.
Cut A LOT because you will need it.
Once your strips are ready to use, create your papier-mache.
Mix 1 part flour to 1 part water until a paste is made, it should be a thick glue-like substance. 
1 and 1/3 cups of each is the amount that worked for me.
You will need to make more or less depending on the size of your balloon.
Dip the strips of newspaper in the paste and slide off any excess with your fingers.
Add the wet strips directly onto the balloon.
To help keep the balloon in place, set it in a box.
Repeat until the balloon is completely covered.
Let dry completely.
I recommend 24 hours but, have gotten away with 12 when I was in a hurry.
Once the first layer is completely dry, apply another layer in the same manner.
Let dry.
Add a third coat to make it extra sturdy.
Let dry.
Once the final layer is completely dry, poke a hole through the papier-mache to deflate the balloon. 
Cut a small flap in the top of the papier-mache, large enough to fit your hand into so you can stuff it with your goodies.
Open the flap and remove the deflated balloon.
Cut long strips of crepe paper.
With the fringe-scissors, fringe one side of the crepe paper leaving about an inch of space at the top to attach to the piñata.
You can fringe the crepe paper with regular scissors as well but, the fringe scissors will save you quite a bit of time.
I'd highly recommend investing in some! 
Starting at the bottom of the piñata, add a layer of the fringed crepe paper.
Use small pieces of tape every few inches to secure into place. 
Continue adding strips of the crepe paper up the piñata until it is entirely covered.

Poke two slits in the top of the piñata and string one end of the silver ribbon through.
Tie the ribbon into a knot on the inside of the piñata.
Repeat with the other ribbon end to create a loop in which to hang the piñata from. 
Open the flap and fill with your goodies.
 Seal the flap with tape.
Hang and enjoy!

I love how this piñata turned out!
The size and metallic silver make it the perfect pop of fun every party needs.
I am planning on using it as decor for our New Years' Eve at home.
It's too pretty (and took too long) to wreck!
Maybe next year?
How are you spending your New Year's Eve?

All my love,

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