Sunday, November 17, 2019

Ariana Grande Inspired Thanksgiving Display

Hello everyone!
We are in the final countdown to Thanksgiving and I am excited to share this set up with you!
I have had this vision in my head for almost a year now and am so happy I was able to bring it to life.
Inspired by Ariana Grande's hit song Thank U, Next, I wanted this setup to be femme and fun.
I incorporated a lot of glam through amping up typical Thanksgiving elements with color.
It would be perfect to display at a laid back Friendsgiving or to fill with your favorite elegant desserts for Thanksgiving dinner!

The Backdrop

The focal point of this festive setup.
I used gold letter balloons to spell out the phrase "I'm so -ing grateful", a lyric from the song, and used a turkey balloon to bleep out the F word so I could take it to family gatherings without being a bad influence on my nieces and nephews.

The turkey balloon was originally a cartoon turkey but I needed to make it fit in with this fab set up so, I quickly applied a few coats of gold spray paint and let it dry before putting it up.
I think it worked out nicely, don't you?

The Bar Cart

I wanted the "tablescape" to match the glam feeling of the gold backdrop.
I thought a gold bar cart was the perfect touch.
I centered it underneath the backdrop and covered it with the goods.

The Food

This bar cart display focuses on the most important part of Thanksgiving...
I made three fall-themed finger foods to nibble on.
Mini pumpkin pies, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and mini caramel apples.
All easy to make and fun to eat!

Mini Pumpkin Pies

Instead of using pie dough for the crust, I used sugar cookie dough.
I rolled out the dough, cut out circles using a scalloped three-inch round cookie cutter and gently pushed the dough into a greased mini muffin tin.
I filled the center with one tablespoon of  Lauren Conrad's pumpkin pie filling.
Baked at 350o for 20 - 25 minutes.
Removed from the oven and let cool.
Once cooled I added a dollop of whip cream and sprinkled with nutmeg.
I served these on a white rectangular serving tray.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

I whipped up a batch of my other Grandma's famous pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.
I have never found a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie that beats hers.
I might be a little biased though...
Find the recipe for the cookies here.
I served the cookies on a white cake stand with metallic gold lining to add some height.

Mini Caramel Apples

Using a melon baller, I scooped out mini apples from a regular-sized Granny Smith apple.
I carefully placed a gold paper straw through the center of the mini apples and dipped them in melted caramel.
I added red, orange and pink sprinkles immediately to the wet caramel and let set.
I served the mini caramel apples on a second white rectangular serving tray.

The Drink

I wanted the drink to match the color scheme of the layout so we went with some non-alcoholic rosé.
I don't want to be a bad influence, remember?

I added pomegranate seeds to the champagne flutes to elevate the drink instead of serving it on its own.

The Pumpkins

To add more color to the display I spray painted craft pumpkins in three different colors,
Burgandy, coral and orange.
Yes, I spray painted an orange pumpkin orange...
I needed it to have a sheen like the others and cover the stem!

I spray painted the pumpkins until my desired coverage was reached making sure to let them completely dry between coats.
Once the pumpkins were dry I placed them around the bottom of the bar cart for a fun twist on classic Thanksgiving pumpkins.

How fun is that?!
I love how the overall look turned out and it was all very easy to execute.
It's such a fun trendy theme and you can use the pieces for years to come!
What's your favorite part of the display?

All my love,

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