Sunday, October 13, 2019

Homemade Witches Brew Punch

Hello everyone!
Halloween time is officially upon us and I couldn't be happier!
I love Halloween and all that it brings.
Today I am sharing a quick and simple drink recipe that you can make all month long. 
Witches Brew!
Make it for a Halloween party, ghouls night in, movie night, whatever you have going on!

You will need:
2 Liter Bottle of Sprite
1 Quart of Lime Sherbert, Softened
12 Ounce Can of Lemonade Concentrate
Plastic Eyeballs, Optional
Plastic Spiders, Optional

Pour 1 liter of Sprite into a large bowl.
Add the softened sherbert to the bowl.
To soften the sherbert, remove from the freezer and set out for at least 10 minutes.
Or if you are like me and forget and don't have time to wait, remove the lid from the carton and place the carton in the microwave.
Heat in 10-second intervals until the sherbert is soft. 
Add the can of frozen lemonade to the bowl and use a spoon to stir and break the lemonade into the mixture. 
Add the remaining liter of Sprite and stir until just combined.
For a few fun details add some plastic eyeballs and spiders to make it feel like a real witches brew!

Serve immediately.

This is such a simple recipe and truly puts you in the Halloween spirit.
I like to serve mine out of a black cauldron or in beakers and flasks with a decorated rim.
What is your favorite Halloween recipe?

All my love,

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