Sunday, August 4, 2019

DIY Dreamcatcher Wall Hanging

Hello everyone!
During the summer Erik and I like to spend as much time as possible at my family's cabin.
The cabin has been around for almost 30 years and has experienced some wear and tear.
I am not much help with the heavy-duty stuff but, I do like to contribute with some updated decor.
I have always thought dreamcatchers would be a nice touch and decided to create this wall hanging.

You will need:
Embroidery Hoops In Varying Sizes
Crocheted Doilies To Fit Embroidery Hoops
A Branch

Separate the rings of one of the embroidery hoops by slightly loosening the metal screw on top.
Place a crocheted doily over the inner ring and place the outer ring over to hold into place.
I made sure my doilies were a little larger than the hoops themselves so they would cover the entire opening and then some.
Make sure the doily is pulled taught so it looks nice and smooth.
Twist the metal screw on the top of the embroidery hoop tightly to secure the rings.
Trim any overhanging doily from around the back.

String the yarn through one of the openings of the doily at the bottom of the hoop.
Knot tightly into place.
Measure and cut the yarn to your desired length.
Thread a few beads onto the opposite open end of the yarn.
Tie the open end around a feather to finish it off.
Add additional tassels to the bottom of the hoop until the dreamcatcher fits your desired look.
I did more on the larger dreamcatchers and less on the smaller. 
Repeat with the remaining hoops until you have several dreamcatchers.
Thread the yarn under the metal screw on top of one of the dreamcatchers and knot tightly.
Measure and cut the yarn to your desired length. 
Tie the opposite end around your branch.
Repeat until all of the dreamcatchers have been added to the branch.
Hang in your desired location.

I think this wall hanging will be the perfect addition to our cabin!
I love that it looks so simple with the natural colors but also dramatic because of the number of dreamcatchers.
And all the white will really pop against the cabin's wood walls. 
Do you like the dreamcatcher trend?

All my love, 

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