Friday, June 7, 2019

DIY Donut Hole Towers

Hello everyone!
Happy National Donut Day!
Erik LOVES donuts so, you know that we have been counting down the days for it over here.
Since we went pretty big with a donut pegboard last year, I thought we'd go a little simpler this year.
I decided to make donut hole towers.

You will need:
Foam Cones
Parchment Paper
Donut Holes

Wrap your cones in parchment paper.
This will keep your donuts sanitary and avoid little foam particles from sticking to them.
Once wrapped, place toothpicks through the parchment paper, into the cone, where the parchment paper overlaps to hold in place.

Cut off excess parchment paper if needed.
Insert additional toothpicks into the cone and add a donut hole on top.
Make sure the toothpicks are pressed far enough into the cone so they will not skewer the donuts.
Place the donuts close together to avoid the cone underneath peeking through. 
Continue until the entire cone is covered with donut holes.

I found working from bottom to top was best for me. 
I did three different sized cones to create a tiered look.
One all glazed.

One chocolate with sprinkles.

And one all powdered sugar.

You can do several cones or just one.
You can even have a variety of donuts on one tower.
Set out and enjoy!

These were very simple to put together and would be fun for any occasion.
I know Erik would love to have these set out for a date night at home.
What if you had these as a surprise in the morning for your kids after a sleepover?
Birthdays, brunches, weddings, the possibilities are endless!
Now tell me...
What is your favorite type of donut?

All my love,

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