Monday, April 1, 2019

Our Honeymoon Phase

Hello everyone!
Just a fair warning, I am here to gush about my husband...

A few months into our marriage people started asking me if the honeymoon phase of our relationship had finally passed.
At first I responded with, "I don't think we had one."
That probably wasn't the best thing to say...
People would reply with "Uh Oh." "That can't be good." or "That's why you don't get married so young."
That wasn't the case...
I loved the crap out of Erik!
But when we got married not a whole lot changed for us.
Except that we rarely saw each other. 
One of us would leave before the other one woke up and with Erik's night classes he usually wasn't home until 11:30 and I was already asleep trying to recover from a full day of working at a job I hated.
It sucked and that was what the first five years of our marriage were.
I couldn't get excited about being with him.
I wouldn't allow myself to get my hopes up.
Now things have calmed down a bit.
I get to set my own schedule, Erik is home before 4 and no more night classes!
And I've realized we finally got our honeymoon phase!

I don't think I have ever been as obsessed with Erik as I am now.
I always thought I wasn't a clingy girl but man was I wrong...
The more time we spend together the more time I want to spend together.
We have time to talk, relax and just enjoy each others company.
Whether it's trying a new hobby, rereading the Harry Potter series or a spontaneous stay downtown we have loved the opportunity to do the things we have always talked about and to have new experiences.
I don't think I have seen him this often since we were dating.

We are both very happy with where we are at right now.
We are trying to enjoy every moment before life inevitably pulls us in different directions again.
If you are like us and feel you didn't get that honeymoon phase, fear not.
It can still happen.
If you are well passed the honeymoon phase, fear not.
I am a firm believer that you can get it back.
How do you spend quality time with your lover?
I'd love some new ideas.

All my love,

When Scout passed away we realized that over the years we had taken a million pictures of him and none of us...
We decided that we should start taking more photos and have started a "selfies" series.
Whenever either one of us wants a picture we let it be known and we take one no matter what.
We are starting to get a little collection and I absolutely love it!

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