Monday, April 8, 2019

A Few Ways I Do Self Care

Hello everyone!
The past few weeks have been cray around here...
I feel like I am always saying our lives are busy, but the last few weeks have been a doozy.
We have so many balls in the air and I don't know how we have kept them up.
Why is it so hard to be a good person?
Not even morally good but, just to be a good productive member of society?
It's exhausting...
This past weekend I was able to finally indulge in some self care.

I take myself out for a pedicure about once a month.
It is the only thing I let myself splurge on.
I am on my feet 24/7 and I need someone to make me feet new again.
Plus, having cute toes makes me feel more put together.
It's also a fun way to express myself.
I love to choose a color for the month.
This time I went for "lovely lavender."
It felt very spring and it makes my toes look like an Easter egg.

I recently took up kickboxing again.
I tried it a few years ago with Groupon and loved it!
 I am not one to pay full price for anything so when the Groupon was used I didn't go back...
After finding a coupon for Groupon (I'm cheap okay?) I decided to get back into the grove.
I really enjoy kickboxing.
It's a great way to release your negative emotions.
When you hit your bag across the floor you realize how much you need it.
It also is a great workout.
I like to feel my workouts the next day and kickboxing definitely does that for me.

Speaking of good workouts...
I recently tried cycling for the first time and dug it!
It's a little cheesy but that's how I like it.
The fancy magnetic shoes, the playlist, the lights going on and off.
It was made for me.
I got five free rides for me and a friend from Localfluence and am almost out...
I will be really sad once its over so I might have to splurge on this too.

On the days when I have absolutely no time to fit in a pedicure or a workout I try to wind down before bed by fitting in something at home.
A bath, an episode of a crappy TV show, going for a walk around the neighborhood or reading a book.
Erik and I have been rereading the Harry Potter books again and I love to snuggle up with him and read a chapter before bed.

Since finding a new love for exercise (I'm going to try really hard not to become one of those people who talks about exercise all the time...) I am interested to try some new forms of self care.
What do you do for self care?
What has worked best for you?
Please share!

All my love,

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