Saturday, December 22, 2018

DIY Five Minute Mistletoe

Hello everyone!
Happy Christmas weekend!
I am ready for Christmas to be here so I am finding ways to preoccupy myself until the big day arrives.
I decided a craft would be a good way to keep myself busy.
I have always loved the look and tradition of mistletoe but we have never had any in our house.
So, making some fast fresh mistletoe was a must!

You will need:
Greens, Fresh or Fake
Berries, Fresh or Fake
Scissors or Wire Cutters

Collect your greens.
I could not find fresh mistletoe so I bought an assortment of fresh greens from my local grocery store.
With the scissors, or wire cutters if fake, cut sprigs of greens into long even pieces.
Mine were eight to nine inches long.
Remove leaves from the bottom two inches of the sprigs to provide a clean surface for the ribbon.
Layer the sprigs on top of one another, aligning the end of the stems.
Make the arrangement as thick or as thin as you'd like. 
Cut the berries into smaller sprigs.
I could not find any fresh berries that I loved so I bought some fake white ones from a craft store to resemble the white berries on traditional mistletoe.
Place the berries at the top of your green arrangement, aligning the ends of the stems.
Keeping the arrangement flat on the table, tie the ribbon into a secure knot at the top.
I used a twelve inch piece of red ribbon and let the excess fall along the length of the mistletoe. 
Hang the mistletoe in your desired spot.
Enjoy smooching!

Did you know that mistletoe is supposed to carry luck?
If you find yourself under some with another person, you are supposed to kiss to gain some of it's luck.
If you refuse, it's unlucky.
Every time you kiss under the mistletoe you are supposed to remove a berry.
Once the mistletoe has no berries left it's luck has run out. 

This was such an easy craft to make and the fresh stems add a delightful smell for the holidays.
This is the perfect quick craft to whip up while we wait for Christmas to arrive.
You could even use these as a last minute gift or to add some flare to your presents.
Who do you hope to catch under the mistletoe this year?

All my love,

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