Monday, November 5, 2018

My Monday | My Wish

Hello everyone!
Erik and I were talking about the blog recently.
He told me he enjoys reading these My Monday posts.
I immediately asked his opinion on a few things.
Do I come off as a know it all?
Do I come off too opinionated?
Do I present myself as Little Miss Perfect?
He asked me if I worried about these things often.
I told him yes. 
His response, "Why not tell them that?"
So, here I am to tell you that I am very much not perfect.
That I have a lot more to learn in life.
I make mistakes daily and that's okay.
That most of the things I write about in these posts are things I am still working on or have not even come close to mastering.
I hope you aren't offended by my opinions because they are just that, opinions.
If you agree with them, cool.
If you don't, also cool.
My wish for these posts is to inspire you.
To help you find areas in your life you can improve in and do just that.
To encourage you to work towards your best life. 
I want you to stop being your worst enemy and stop getting in your own way.
I want you to feel a little less alone.
The point of these posts was to drop the fluff and get a little more vulnerable.
To show more of the real me.
To share some of my experiences so that you can learn from them.
To create a space where you can share your own.

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My wish for you is that you live purposefully.
That you chase your dreams.
That you don't quit when things get rough.
That you learn from your failures and turn them into successes.
That you don't take things too seriously.
That you raise others up in their journeys.
That you share your light with the world.
Keep on shining babes!

All my love, 

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