Thursday, October 11, 2018

Saving Baby Sea Turtles In Cozumel

Hello everyone!
While Erik and I were on our cruise we had the opportunity to participate in an excursion saving baby sea turtles.

This has been an item on my bucket list since I was a kid so I was thrilled when we were able to sign up.
We met up with our group first thing in the morning right outside of our port in Cozumel, Mexico.

From there we took a short van ride to an ocean side shop where we were able to explore until we were told where our nests would be.

Once we knew where we were headed it was back in the van for another short trip to our destination.
We were split into groups of four, given gloves, shown where our nests were and how to dig into them.
Erik started our group off and was so excited that he almost missed our first sea turtle!
Luckily our guide spotted it and we put it into our bucket.

We each took several turns digging and found thirteen sea turtles!
One of our turtles was still in it's egg.
Our guide helped it out of its shell and soon enough he was ready to go.
We also collected any shells we found in the nest so they could keep track of how many turtle eggs were laid.
It was such an amazing experience getting to be so hands on with nature.
After everyone had had a turn and we were sure there weren't any turtles left in our nests we took them beach side.
We each got a turtle in our hands, counted down and set them on the sand to release them to the ocean.
As soon as they touched the ground they took off and were carried off by the waves.
It was such an incredible sight to see.

After the turtles were all released we went back to the van and were taken to Pueblo Del Maiz.
There we got to experience an immersive tour about Mayan history.

We had our faces painted, watched a dance ritual, ate food and gained some knowledge.
Did you know that the Mayans believed they lived on the back of a giant sea turtle?
True story.

It was such an amazing experience and I got to check an item off of my bucket list.
To top it all off the excursion landed on our anniversary.
We celebrated five years of marriage with baby sea turtles.
In my book that is a win.
What is on your bucket list?

All my love,

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