Monday, October 1, 2018

My Monday | Get Out Of Your Own Way

Hello everyone!
Have you ever seen someone get in their own way?
They settle.
They give others power over them.
They talk themselves out of something.
And you are like "Why can't you see how awesome you are?!"
Then you turn around and do the same thing...

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It's so easy from an outside perspective to see when someone is doing something they shouldn't.
But, when it comes to ourselves we tend to be blind.
Why are we quick to think the worst of ourselves?
And how do we fix it?
Why not talk to yourself like you would your best friend?
I'm serious...
It sounds crazy but you know you wouldn't let your friend get away with how you are treating yourself.
The sooner we realize what we are worth the sooner we can treat ourselves that way.
And the sooner we treat ourselves that way the sooner we can get it.
Get out of your own way.
Go after what you wan't.
Don't let other's words affect you.
Pump yourself up.
You are worth it. 
I promise.

All my love,

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