Sunday, September 2, 2018

3 Spray Paint Office Upgrades

Hello everyone!
Every year around back to school time I get inspired to work on my office.
This year I wanted to update a few pieces and make them my own.

The first piece was this Ikea Cube Shelf.

I swear everyone and their dog has one.
That didn't stop me from wanting my own but I did want to add something to it.
I soon realized that the spot in my office I had set aside for this piece is where the vent was located on the floor.
With a south facing room I NEED my air conditioning. 
So, I thought why not add some legs to it?
I bought these legs from Home Depot.
I didn't want the tips on the end and actually wanted them to be just a tad shorter.
I knew that if we cut off the tips I would have the look I wanted so we purchased them. 
Erik removed the tips with a band saw and I sanded down the rough edges.
Then I applied a few coats of gold spray paint.
We added Top Plates to the four corners of the bottom of the shelf and screwed the legs in.

Bada bing! Bada boom!

The next pieces are these file boxes.
I got these from Target a few years ago and love them.

They are perfect for keeping my important documents safe, easy to reach and organized.
When I originally bought them I had a different vision for my office.
The color is so universal that they would have still worked in my new office but I wanted to add some color.
I taped off the small details I didn't want to paint over and gave the file boxes a few coats of navy spray paint.

And just like that they went from drab to fab!

The final piece was this Ikea desk I have had for a few years.

After getting a new vision for my office I new I wanted to upgrade this simple desk.
I easily removed the top of the desk from the legs and gave the legs a good spray paint of gold.

And just like that it looks like a new piece!
Super simple, quick and easy.

I am so excited that my little space is slowly coming together.
I can't wait to share more of my ideas as they come to life.
Do you have a creative space of your own?

All my love,

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