Monday, August 6, 2018

My Monday | It Is Never Too Late

Hello everyone!
As you may know I am 25.
25 is still pretty young in the grand scheme of things, but I do have some "What ifs" and "Could have beens."
I have been thinking about them a bit more this year and I hate to admit that when I reflect on them my mind immediately thinks "It's too late."

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Life can feel long...
But the best part about that is it gives us so many opportunities to try again.
It can be intimidating to have a goal other's have already conquered or succeeded in.
You feel like you are behind or that you missed your chance.
It can be hard having to start again and go back to square one.
You have already put in effort and it might seem like a waste.
I love that each day is a new start.
A new chance to work towards a better you.
A new opportunity to work towards a life you have always wanted.
Let's make a goal this week.
What is something you wish you would have done?
Something you wonder if you should try again?
Something you can't stop thinking about?
I challenge you to take a step towards it.
Even a tiny baby step is better than nothing.
Lets all take a step closer to a life we want.

All my love,

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