Monday, May 21, 2018

My Monday | You Are Up To You

Hello everyone!
Something that has been on my mind a lot lately is what a blessing/curse it is that we have the power to become whoever we want to be.
It's a lot of responsibility but if we are smart we can become that far off version of ourselves we imagine.
The one who has their life together, who is organized and on time.
The successful business person, with a nice big house and a loving family.
The person who exercises more than once a year and eat's things like kale.
The super creative small business owner who has five cats.
Or whatever that person looks like to you.

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You are the only one who can control who you become.
You are the only one who is going to push yourself to achieve what you have envisioned.
To get yourself out of your nice safe bed and start working towards that better version of yourself.
No one is going to care about your dreams as much as you do.
No one is going to hand them to you.
So get up and start working!
Every day is not going to be a win.
We will slip up and have to learn things the hard way.
But if we are truly, honestly giving it our all then that is something to be proud of and we will slowly make it there.

All my love,

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