Monday, April 30, 2018

My Monday | Celebrate Other's Success

Hello everyone!
Erik and I are facing an interesting time in our lives.
We will be married for five years this September and during those years we have gotten to experience many firsts together.
We got married.
Lived in our first apartments.
Got our first puppy.
Bought our first house.
Experienced job promotions and new jobs.
And took our first vacations.
The last few months our lives have slowed down a little and we have realized that we are kind of in limbo.
Stuck in between all those exciting firsts and what will happen next.
During this visit to limbo all of our friends and family have been experiencing their exciting firsts or their next stages in life.
Getting married, buying houses, having babies, finding new jobs.

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When you are in a different stage of life than others it can be hard not to feel jealous.
It's hard to celebrate other's successes when you feel like you are having none of your own.
I think it is important to remember that everyone experiences high and low phases of life.
When you are going through a low phase remember that it won't last forever.
Just as the previous high phase passed, so will this low.
While others are experiencing high phases that does not mean they will not experience their own lows.
So, while you are waiting for your next high phase to come remember to celebrate other's successes.
Their success is not your failure. 
They have their own time phase.
Your high is coming and you will get to celebrate it soon.
Help others celebrate their successes while you can.
You will want them to celebrate yours.
What phase are you currently experiencing in your life?

All my love,

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