Monday, April 23, 2018

My Monday | Try New Things

Hello everyone!
Over the weekend Erik and I attended our first gem fair.
We have been trying to be more creative with our time together.
It only cost two dollars for us both to go, so we thought "Why not?"
A lot of people were confused as to why we were going.
It's not something we had expressed interest in before and gem fair people didn't seem like our kind of people?
But Erik and I had so much fun!
We got to see so many amazing things that come from our Earth.
We learned a whole lot.
And we got to see people in their element and hear them talk about their passion.
Erik and I love to listen to people talk about what they are passionate about.
They talk with such fire and intensity that you can't help but catch a little bit of their energy.
We left feeling uplifted by our new found energy and we felt close after spending some quality time together. 

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As I have gotten older I have learned the less I take myself seriously and learn to embrace things instead of judge them, the more opportunities and experiences I have. 
I know that it is so easy to put things down when it makes you uncomfortable or it's something you don't understand. 
If we go into situations with a positive attitude and an open heart we will come out with a higher understanding and a better perspective.
Plus, what's the worse that can happen?
You discover that something isn't meant for you and move on.
As boss babe Amy Poehler said "Good for her! Not for me."

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The next time someone asks you to partake in something new I hope you will take them up on it.
You never know.
You might just find your new passion.

All my love,

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