Friday, April 13, 2018

Engagement Gift Basket

Hello everyone!
Wedding season is officially upon us.
When one of my close friends gets engaged I like to give them a little engagement basket.

Here is what I use:
A Basket
Crinkle Paper
Clear Wrap

Wedding Magazines

When you are planning a wedding you need all the inspiration you can get.
Wedding Magazines have so many different styles showcased they are sure to find something they love.

Post It Flags

When they do find something they love in the magazines they can mark it with a post it and come back to it later.


I am a firm believer that you should always have a notebook on hand.
Especially when you are planning a wedding.
You never know when you will get an idea that you will need to write down and remember.
A small notebook is perfect for taking to all of the wedding appointments and keeping their notes in one place.

Wedding Movie

You can find a lot of wedding movies for $5 or less.
The Wedding Planner, Bride Wars, My Best Friends Wedding.
Pick a movie you know they love or that goes with their personality the best.

Ring Holder

Not that they will be taking their ring off, but just in case...
They have a cute and safe place to put it.

Ring Cleaner

Because everybody is going to be looking at that ring!
It will also be nice to have on hand for years to come.

Use whatever else you think your friend would enjoy.
I have included nail polish with a wedding themed name.
Bride flip flops if their honeymoon was tropical.
A wifey mug, a candle, sparkling cider.
Get creative!

Fill your basket with the shredded paper.
If you know what their wedding colors are you can color coordinate.

Place your filler items in.
Tallest to smallest is best.

Wrap your basket with the clear wrap and finish off with a bow.
That's it!

The basket doesn't have to be anything too fancy.
It's the thought that counts after all.
What would you include in an engagement basket?

All my love,

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