Monday, March 26, 2018

My Monday | Speak It

Hello everyone!
The past few months I have had several people randomly stop me and give me a compliment.
It has been so refreshing and a complete mood booster.
It was sweet to have someone notice something positive and take time out of their day to stop and say it.
Do you ever withhold compliments?
I will see someone, turn to Erik and say "Her (hair, shoes, shirt) is so cute!"
And Erik will say "Well tell her."
And I say "No! That's weird..."
But it's not weird.
I just make it weird.
After having many compliments shared with me I want to spread the good feeling around.
A good majority of those times I was completely lost in my own thoughts, feeling like a hot mess just trying to get something checked off of my to do list.
Then I would feel a tap on my shoulder or see a wave out of the corner of my eye and have someone compliment me.
It made me feel better as if maybe I wasn't such a hot mess?
I want to be someone who can compliment people without a second thought.
I have made it a goal to speak up.
If I see someone and have an honest compliment cross my mind I am going to say it.
Who doesn't love a good compliment now and then?

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Is there a specific time you were complimented and it changed your day?
I would love to hear!
Let's get some positive stories going.

All my love,

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