Monday, February 12, 2018

My Monday | Valentine's Day

Hello everyone!
As you know Valentine's Day is on Wednesday.
I have always loved Valentine's Day. 
Pun intended...
Growing up it was so fun coming up with creative Valentine's Day boxes and making them.
Spending way too much time picking out the perfect Valentine's and choosing which ones went to who. 
Especially which one to give to your crush...
You couldn't be too forward, ya know?
My grandparents would give us Valentine's Day cards and candy.
My dad would buy my mom a dozen red roses and then get one rose for me and each of my sisters.
Decorating Valentine's Day sugar cookies!
I could go on and on...

I remember my first Valentine's Day in Junior High. 
I was so excited to find out what it would be like.
No more Valentine's exchanges because that was little kid stuff.
I got to school and the halls were filled with girls carrying HUGE teddy bears, roses, balloons chocolates and the girls who didn't have anything complaining about how Valentine's Day was the worst.
I was so disappointed...
I remember all my friends complaining and I couldn't wait to get home because I still thought Valentine's Day was awesome!
Valentine's Day isn't just for people who are in love.
It's for everybody who is loved!
That was when I decided to show my friends how much I cared about them.

The rest of my school years I spent Valentine's Day surprising my friends.
I would decorate their lockers, play cupid and deliver Valentine's on their behalf, give them kid Valentine's like back in Elementary school and write funny memories on them.
It was so much fun to make what would otherwise be a day full of dread a day full of love!

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As Valentine's Day draws near I hope that you can find a way to show love to everyone in your life.
If you have a bae take a second to show some love to those who are flying solo.
If you are flying solo take some time and show some love to your family, neighbors, friends, coworkers, etc.
Not only will it make their day but I guarantee it will make your day too.
Happy Valentine's loves!

All my love,

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