Monday, December 4, 2017

Makeover Monday | Christmas Shelves

Hello everyone!
As you know I love open shelving.
Several rooms in my house have it.
One of my favorite things about open shelving is how easy it is to change from season to season. 
I added a few items to our shelves in our living room, kitchen and family room in preparation for Christmas.
I love how each one turned out!

The Living Room:

Our living room is what we refer to as our "fancy room."
The color scheme is gray, black, white and gold with some pops of pink.
For the first row of our shelf I added a snow globe on top of our stack of books.

The dear head on it's own is rather Christmasy but since it is on our shelf throughout the entire year I wanted to add a little something.
I added some gold bulb lights and hung them from it's antlers.

The next shelf doesn't offer too much room since my record player and records are there so I moved my Christmas Disco record to the front of the row to help out.

On the next row I added in this tall glass gold Christmas tree. I love how classy it looks.

On the bottom shelf I placed a white ceramic nativity scene that I got for my first Christmas.

It has been with me my whole life and has such a special place in my heart.
I was so happy to find a place for it on our shelves.

The Kitchen:

Our kitchen is nowhere near being done...
When it is done the color scheme will be blue, white and gray with pops of pink and red.
This is where all of our colorful red Christmas decor ended up.
On the top shelf I added this festive Christmas tree that was a gift from one of our Family's previous Progressive Dinners.

For the next shelf I added in a red, white and green Christmas jar I received as a gift from my sister.

It's perfect for stashing some Christmas candy. 
On the bottom shelf I simply replaced the print in the frame for a bright and fun Christmas print.

The Family Room:

The family room has a more relaxed feel. 
The color scheme is blue, gray, black and white with some natural elements like wood and copper to add warmth.
On the top shelf I added a wood nutcracker.

On the middle shelf a wood Christmas tree with some gold glitter.

On the bottom shelf a beautiful blue sparkly deer that I got as a gift for last year's Progressive Dinner.

To add in some more color I hung a pom pom garland of blues and white to the middle shelf. 

I love the way each shelf turned out!
It's so fun to add Christmas to each room and still let them have their own personalities. 
How do you add festive touches to your home?

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