Friday, December 22, 2017

Jingle Bell Rock | Progressive Dinner 2017

Hello everyone!
This past weekend my family had their annual Progressive Dinner.
Erik and I were super excited because we came up with a very original theme.
Jingle Bell Rock!
Our family walked in on the "red carpet."

A plastic red tablecloth with my gold sequin tablecloth hung above it.

There they had their picture taken and were asked questions by the paparazzi.

In the dining area we hung up a marquee that read jingle bell rock and placed gold and silver stars of all sizes around it.

For the dining table we had a white tablecloth with red and gold chargers on top.

Down the center we placed gold star confetti and jingle bells of varying sizes.

We placed our electric guitars on either side of the dining table to add the the rock star theme. 

We were in charge of the main course this year and wanted to make sure that the food went along with the theme as well.
We decided on drumsticks (chicken), groupeas (red potatoes and peas), rock and rolls (rolls) and soda pop (drinks).

I placed the menu in a frame and placed it on our bar next to the extra napkins. 

 Downstairs in the family room we set up the kids table.

On the kids table we set red plastic plates that they got to take home with them and added some toys.
During dinner we played the movie Rock Dog to keep them occupied.
After dinner we used the TV to play Rock Band!

On the way out they grabbed a swag bag.

 Inside was an inflatable microphone, a bandana, a sheet of temporary tattoos, pop rocks, glitter star sunglasses and an electric guitar fuzzy poster.
We attached the polaroid they took when they came in with a clothespin on top.

It was such a fun night. 
I look forward to this tradition every year. 
What are some of your family's holiday traditions?

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