Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Makeover Monday | Hall Bathroom Design

Hello everyone.
This week's Makeover Monday is going to be on a Tuesday...
Have I mentioned that life has been crazy?
I had this design ready to post and didn't want to postpone.
So here it is.
Makeover Tuesday!

The hall bathroom is mainly used by our guests now.
I want it to feel clean and inviting.
I'm putting the gray paint we used in our living room and hallway to use again.
The hall bathroom is located close to both of them so I think it will flow well.
The vanity is a darker gray so it won't blend in against the light gray walls.
The counter top is plain white stone.
The hardware: faucet, towel bar, trash can, handles and toilet paper holder are an oil rubbed bronze that appear almost black.
Above the vanity we have a mirror with gray beading.
I love that the beading adds something so it's not just a plain mirror and ties it into the color scheme.
This bathroom is on the smaller side so I added an oil rubbed bronze shelf over the toilet for storage.
We have spare toilet paper, a canister to hold cotton balls, a glass candy jar which holds my bath bombs and a candle.
I like to keep things that guests might need accessible so they don't have to rummage through the vanity looking for something.
How do you store items in tight places?

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