Friday, October 20, 2017

Caramel Apple Nachos

Hello everyone!
Happy Friday!
Can you believe that Halloween is in 11 days?!
We are trying to fit all of the Halloween things in. 
Tonights agenda?
Caramel apples and a Halloween movie!
I love to enjoy caramel apples in the fall but they are hard to eat...
A big apple is hard to handle and after Erik actually broke his tooth on one last year I decided that we better try something else.
We gave caramel apple nachos a try and loved it!

You will need:
Your favorite apples
Melted caramel and any other sauces you would like

Melt the caramel and any other sauces you desire. We used milk chocolate.
Slice apples.
Add sauces. I placed mine in squeeze bottles so that they were easier to control.
Add toppings. We used sliced Almonds, Reese's Pieces, Chocolate Chips, Mini M&M's, Mini Marshmallows and Smashed Halloween Oreo's. Get creative!

They were so easy to make and even easier to eat.
I would definitely recommend these especially if you struggle eating caramel apples like I did.
What are your must have fall snacks?

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