Sunday, July 16, 2017

Yarn Wall Hanging

Hello everyone!
I have been wanting to make a yarn wall hanging for such a long time.
I knew we wouldn't use it in our house but thought it would be a perfect addition to the cabin.

You will need:
A wooden dowel 

You can use multiple colors of yarn or just one color.
You can also use different textures.
Measure your yarn to your desired length and double it. 
Once you tie it to the dowel it will be half the length. 
I cut mine on the longer side just in case.
You can always cut off length but you can't add it on.
Fold a piece of yarn in half.
Place the loop end underneath the dowel.
Pull both ends of the yarn through the loop and tighten.
Push the yarn together so there are no gaps. 
Repeat until the dowel is full.
You can do more than one string of yarn at a time to create a fuller look.
I wanted to add in some variety so I tied my charcoal yarn section into braids.
Once your dowel is full trim the ends.
I recommend hanging it up so it falls the way you cut it.
You can cut it straight across, in layers or into a point.
Make it your own!
Measure a piece of twine in a v shape to hang.
Tie firmly to the ends of the dowel and show that sucker off!

I love the bohemian feel of this craft.
I also love that you can create so many different styles.
I recommend looking on Pinterest for some inspiration. 
There are so many creative ideas out there!
What is a craft you have on your to do list?

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