Monday, July 31, 2017

Makeover Monday | Cabin Bedroom Design

Hello everyone!
Today is the last Cabin themed Makeover Monday post.
Once we add the addition Erik and I will have our own bedroom at the cabin!
I am so excited to have a space to decorate and make our own.

To the left we have a pine dresser from Ikea.
I have seen many a makeover of these bad boys on Pinterest but right now I am kind of liking the natural look.
On top we have a Taj wall mirror.
I love the shape of these mirrors and a mirror is a need in the cabin bedroom.
To the right of the mirror an artificial cactus for decoration.
For the bed I thought an iron bed frame would be a good fit for the cabin.
The striped comforter is the perfect mix of neutral and color.
The stripes are red and blue which lets me add some color into the room.
I added a red fur pillow to the bed and a navy tapestry on the wall.
Beneath the tapestry I placed a round rattan chair.
I thought it would create the perfect little reading nook.
The cabin is one of the only places I get reading done so I wanted a specific spot for me to relax.
I'm sure over time the vision will change but these were a few items I was really loving right now.
What do you think of the dresser?
Leave it natural? Or paint it?

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