Monday, June 19, 2017

Makeover Monday | Summer Entry Way Decor

Hello everyone!
I love to decorate my house for all occasions.
When I originally thought of our entry way I wanted to keep the decor simple because I knew I would be constantly changing it.
It's the first thing our guests see when they walk in our house and I like to give it an update with each season or holiday.

Around Memorial Day I take down our spring decor and replace it with our summer decor.
We have a large gold frame that I like to add different festive prints to.
For summer I added a print with a line from the song Summer Breeze that I found on Pinterest.
I loved the warm colors the print brought in and it just happened to match a small jar I had laying around.
I switched out our normal Scentsy warmer for the white pineapple warmer I got for my birthday.
Nothing says summer like fruit!
On the other side of the frame I switched out are dark blue key bowl for a turquoise bowl.
I felt it contrasted well with our warm colors and was the perfect blue for summer.
Next to the bowl I placed a tall cream candle to add in a neutral color and some height.
For a finishing touch I draped fairy lights over and around the decor.
This is the decor I had up for June and will probably resort to for August.
As for July we needed something a little more patriotic.

Around Flag Day I like to update the decor in our house for the Fourth of July.
I am a big fan of the Fourth of July and it truly feels like summer when red, white and blue come out to play.
I added a new bold print to our gold frame.
This one has a blue background and reads "For Liberty and Justice For All."
I love the color it added in.
To the right I kept our pineapple Scentsy warmer since it fit in with our red, white and blue color scheme.
Next to it I placed a blue star.
On the left side of our frame I added our dark blue key bowl back in and placed a red candle votive next to it.
I draped the fairy lights around and over the decor to finish.

I try to keep the decor very simple to make it easier and to motivate myself to update it.
I find a quote I like on Pinterest to add to the frame, on either side I will place a short and tall object that matches the color scheme or theme and finish off with fairy lights. 
It's very fast an easy
Do you constantly change your decor?
What works for you?

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