Sunday, June 25, 2017

Mailtime | Katy Perry Package

Hello everyone!
I absolutely love to get mail.
And by that I mean good mail...
Like when all the packages from your midnight shopping spree arrive or you get a surprise card or thank you note.
Not a lot of people mail items any more so it's a nice surprise when I get an unexpected item in the mail instead of a bill.
My sister and I are going to see Katy Perry this November and she sent every person who purchased a ticket to one of her concerts a free copy of her new CD Witness.
It was such a nice surprise and it gave me an idea.
Why not send my sister a Katy Perry package with her copy of the CD?
As soon as I received our CD's I started to piece the package together.

Katy Perry currently has her own make up line with Covergirl which made gathering items a snap.
I grabbed her mascara in black and her matte lipstick in Pink Paws 
Katy Perry used to have a nail polish line with OPI but that was many years ago and I was not able to find it so I grabbed a blue sparkly nail polish called pop star instead.
I thought it was still fitting.
Since Katy Perry fans are called Katy Kats I found some sparkly cat ear headbands on Amazon and gave her a pink and silver pair. 
I also purchased the Katy Perry: Part of Me movie which we watched together when it first came out.
 I added some brightly colored shredded paper to a cardboard box and placed the items in.

On the outside of the box I added a few strips of sparkly Washi Tape to set the mood for what was inside.
My sister sent me lots of snapchats of her and her kids opening the box together.
It made my heart so happy!
What is the best surprise you have received in the mail recently?

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