Friday, April 21, 2017

Super Easy Vegetable Tray

Hello everyone!
For Easter Dinner Erik and I were in charge of the veggie tray.
I was super excited because my sister always volunteers for the veggie tray first thing but this year I stole it from her. ;)
I wanted to do something special as we had big shoes to fill and it was a holiday.
I found this photo on Pinterest and thought it would be perfect for spring time!

It was super easy to make.
All you need is a cabbage, your favorite veggies and dip.
Cut a circle into the middle of the cabbage and use a spoon to hallow it out.
I placed the cabbage in the middle of large white latte bowl since we didn't have a tray.
Then I added the vegetables around the cabbage.
I went with vegetables I knew my family liked.
I created a pattern by placing the round vegetables in between the long vegetables.
Tall carrots, round cucumbers, tall celery, round tomatoes, etc, etc.
I had a lot of green veggies so I also tried to break them up with the colorful ones.
Add your favorite dip to the hollowed out cabbage. 
(Ours is a adding a ranch packet to 16 ounces of sour cream)
And that's it!

Super easy and super festive.
I think this is the perfect veggie display for any occasion. 
What are some fun veggie trays you've tried or seen?

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