Friday, March 31, 2017

Girls Night In

Hello everyone!
Last weekend I had my friends over for a girls night.
One of my New Years resolutions was to plan a quality hang out with my friends at least once a month.
Since the weather in March is a little finicky around here I thought it would be best to plan an event to be held inside.
I decided to host a girls movie night.


Minted has such cute designs.
You can have them printed or send them online.
For this small gathering I thought an online invitation would be just fine.
I selected the above design and sent them out two weeks in advance.

Activities and Decor:
 I had a treat table set up with all sorts of goodies.
I used a gold sequin tablecloth to had some glam.

On the left I had gold tins full of nail polish and face masks for a bit of pampering.
I stacked them on top of some magazines I had lying around for a fun touch.
In front I placed my polaroid camera so we could document the evening.

In the middle I set out some candy for us to snack on throughout the night.
In the apothecary jar are Starbursts.
To the right Red Vines in milk bottles.
In the middle a glass full of Reese's.

In front of the candy display I set out the three different types of safe to eat cookie dough I made earlier that week.

On the right of the table I set out their favors.
We will get to those later.

On our counter I set up a popcorn bar.
I created the pop it like it's hot sign and displayed it in a white frame.
Next to the sign I filled a glass jar with fresh popcorn and a scoop.

I placed tall red and white popcorn style cups for my friends to fill.

I set out several different types of candy in ramekin dishes for them to mix with their popcorn or enjoy on the side.

In the Family Room I placed all of my Chick Flicks in a wire basket so they were easier to access.
Between my collection, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime we were set to watch any movie our hearts desired.
In the corner I piled up blankets and pillows to use for the binge fest.


For the favors I purchased a pair of slippers for each of my friends.
I placed a sleep mask in the right slipper and a hair brush in the left.
Without knowing it all of the items ended up color coordinating. 
Once I discovered this I decided to make matching tags with their names.

It was such a fun night.
We ate so much food, put on face masks, watched movies and talked the night away.
What do you like to do with your friends?

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