Monday, December 19, 2016

Makeover Monday | Progressive Dinner Edition

Hello everyone!
All of our extra time and money have gone towards the holidays recently...
Which means that we haven't been doing many home projects and as a result the Makeover Monday posts have been suffering.
As I have mentioned my family does a Progressive Dinner each year as one of our Christmas traditions.
The Progressive Dinner was held over the weekend and I thought I could show you how we transformed our house for the event.
We have been doing Progressive Dinner for many years and as a result have repeated the same themes a few times.
I try to make mine somewhat original.
This year we decided to make it Bumble the Abominable Snowman themed, which really is a winter theme with some bumble references.

I made some mountains out of paper and Erik made a Bumble to peek over at our guests. 

We added some "snow" made out of white string and cotton balls above our bar where we had all of the food displayed.

Knit ball garlands were hung on the railing and the dining room chandelier.

White plates were placed on an ice blue tablecloth with gray polka dotted napkins.
We placed some cotton balls along the center because you can never have too much fake snow.

We set the kids up in our living room with a similar table setting.
They each got a plastic mint plate that they got to take home afterwards.
We had Rudolph playing on the TV for them to enjoy while they ate.

On our entry table we had white furry stockings for each family to grab on the way out to the next house.
Each kid got a Rudolph board book

Inside the furry stockings:
White rocky candy or "icicles"
Lip balm to keep those lips moisturized in the cold winter months
"Snow" powdered donuts
and Rudolph window clings

I absolutely love the holidays and the family traditions that come with them.
What are some of your family's traditions?
I'd love to hear!

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