Friday, November 18, 2016

Harry Potter Inspired Gift

Hello everyone!
Since Fantastic Beasts hit theatres today I thought I would show you a Harry Potter inspired gift I gave to my friend for her birthday.
I grew up a part of the Harry Potter generation and as a result I love anything to do with Harry Potter and so do most of my friends.
I saw a soap rock in Anthropologie once and it reminded me of the sorcerer's stone.
The idea played out from there.
The gift includes seven items.
One item to represent each book.

Book One: A soap rock or the Sorcerer's Stone
Book Two: A journal to represent Tom Riddle's Diary
Book Three: A bag of chocolate to help with dementors
Book Four: A dragon egg bath bomb so she can take a bath with a dragon egg just like Harry
Book Five: Pen quills to remind you that you must not tell lies
Book Six: Yellow tinted perfume in a potion bottle or Felix Felicis
Book Seven: A deathly hallows necklace for the deathly hallows, obvs

I placed all of the items into a cauldron and added some tissue paper.
I though it was a fun girly gift and my friend loved it!
What is your favorite Harry Potter book?

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