Monday, October 24, 2016

Makeover Monday | Entry Design

Hello everyone!
Happy Monday!
For this week's post I am showing you our entry way design.
The basic design is very simple so we can change the decor frequently.
We decorate the table to go with the current holiday or season.

The entryway is painted the same gray as the living room since they are attached. 
Against it we have a white console table which is parallel to our front door.
On top we have our orange chevron Scentsy that I absolutely love! 
It goes with almost every season and holiday.
We also have a bowl to hold our keys, loose change, etc.
In the middle is a large black frame that holds different prints depending on the time of year.
In the drawers is where all of our junk goes...
Scout's leash, all of our Scentsy bars, garbage bags, you name it!
Underneath we have two baskets to hold shoes.
The first thing people ask us when they enter our house is where to put their shoes because they are concerned Scout will get them. Which he will...
We add in lights, figurines and prints to make the entry feel festive the moment you walk in.
How do you decorate your entry way?

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