Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Moss Wreath

Hello everyone and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Now that spring is almost upon us I wanted to share with you my favorite spring wreath to add some green into your life.

It's very easy and I love actually having a wreath on our front door.

You will need:
A wreath, I used straw
Spanish moss 
A glue gun and glue sticks

 The original tutorial suggested using a straw wreath because it would be cheaper. 
I think next time I might splurge on a green foam wreath just so it doesn't show through the moss as much.
 I moved section by section around the wreath placing glue upon it and just slapping on the Spanish Moss.
After I let the wreath dry I cut my burlap, strung it through the wreath and tied a knot to hang it from.
 I personally didn't want to do a bow for my wreath but think it would look great if that is more your style.

Let me know what you think!

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