Saturday, March 8, 2014

Baby Shower Gift

One of my sweet co workers is having her first baby this month.
We recently threw her a baby shower at work.
She loves to poke fun at me because of how organized I like to be so I thought it would be funny to give her something along those lines. I decided to give her a folder to keep all the baby paperwork in. I got the original idea here.

You'll need

12 file folders
An accordion folder with 12 pockets

Just take a folder and slip it into each pocket of the accordion file.

It's portable so the new mom can take it to the hospital, pediatrician appointments, etc. and have all of their information in one place. 
I left the labels blank because I feel everyone has there own way of doing things.
If you would like to label them here are some ideas to get you started.

Birth certificate and social security card
Pediatrician visits
Insurance paperwork
Health records
Nursing/Feeding Information

I paired it with a few other fun little boy things and we were set to go!

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